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Making selections


It’s easy to upload images in LotteryPhoto if you are logged in.

Go to the UPLOAD button and follow these four simple steps.

STEP 1. What do you want to upload?
Select the photos or videos you want to upload.

STEP 2. Select files
Use the button or drag them into the window.
Upload files that belong together at the same time. This is because the information you add will be linked to all the files concerned.

STEP 3. Add information
Add as much information as you can, as concretely as possible, i.e.:
Under Description, include what, who, where and when (and for videos, where broadcast).
Under Photographer, include the name of the photographer and under Photo Credit, the name as indicated for use.
In the Rights / Permission lines, add whatever extra action is necessary for someone who uses the image.
And provide catchwords. Take some from the list of basic catchwords and make up some of your own. You do not need to repeat words that are already included under Description.

Additionally, the following applies for uploading videos:
Give the publication date or release date.
Also include where the video was broadcast under Description.
Indicate Production company, for example Endemol, Talpa or Inhouse Filming. These parties often hold the rights as well.
State the Customer, the name and/or department at the “Goede Doelen Loterijen”, so that permission can be asked to reuse or process the video.

STEP 4. Send files. The images and information will be sent to LotteryPhoto. Once the images have been processed by the LotteryPhoto editorial team, they will be available online.

Under the ‘your media in LotteryPhoto’ button (on the left of the upload screen), you will find all the images you have uploaded to date that have been processed by the editorial team.