Making selections

How does LotteryPhoto work?

LotteryPhoto is the image database of the “Goede Doelen Loterijen”. It includes photos, videos and logos or illustrations.

Create an account
Anyone can visit LotteryPhoto and view images.
But you need to create an account in order to view and/or download all the images.
Click on CREATE ACCOUNT or LOG IN. If you aren’t logged in, the images you see have a watermark.
You can change your password yourself on your account page by clicking the CHANGE THESE DETAILS button.

Searching for images
Type one or more catchwords into the search window.
Indicate whether you wish to search in photos, videos or logos, or everything.
LotteryPhoto searches for the word that you type in as well as for broader terms. If you do not want a broader selection, but only wish to search for the word you type in, click on ‘exact search’.

Refine search results
- Add an extra search word or multiple words
- Use the ‘OR DID YOU MEAN…’ button for related search terms

Exclude search words
- Add the word NOT. For example: Street prize winners not children. LotteryPhoto will then search for ‘winners’ and ‘street prize’, excluding photos with the keyword ‘children’.

Above each video you will find five images (stills) providing an impression of the content of the video. You can play the video in LotteryPhoto or you can download it (if you are logged in).